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Welcome to the
Online Sperm Donation Project


Through sharing stories, we hope to shed light on the highs, and lows, for people involved in online sperm donation.  If you have experience of online sperm donation, consider sharing your story. Let others know they are not alone! 

We welcome stories from people who have experience of, or have tried to conceive via, artificial insemination (AI) or other forms of insemination arranged through online sites (sometimes referred to as ‘partial insemination’, ‘PI’, or ‘natural insemination’, ‘NI’).


Read the stories people have shared with us


Share your experiences of online sperm donation

We also undertake research into online sperm donation. Our current project is looking at people's experiences of online sperm donation, such as their experiences of families and relationships, what influences their experiences, and what the impacts are, as well as what people's "ideal futures" are for online sperm donation. Find out more here.


Are you someone in the UK currently looking for sperm online? 

Or someone in the UK who donates sperm online?  Or, maybe

you manage an English-speaking connection website or social

media group? 


If so, we would love to hear from you!

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