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Natalie's story


I've been fortunate to have found a sperm donor who doesn't have a ridiculous amount of donor conceived (DC) children. At no point has he ever made me feel uncomfortable. He's a kind man who donates via AI. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have my beautiful baby now. We keep in regular contact and he is happy to meet my child in the future if they wish to know him. 

There are donors with hundreds of children who don't care who they donate to because it's all about the money and their ego. These men are the ones to avoid. There's an American donor who donates via ai and ni. He also uses pi. He has ni with multiple women and doesn't have sti results. He's dangerous and belongs in jail. There's donors like him that bully and manipulate women into thinking those guys are their best option. I feel for those recipients who are starting their journeys because some will be fooled by these donors.

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