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Content note: sexual violence, financial abuse, coercive control

Leanne's story


I started to read through some of the stories but it is too upsetting , I am also now having DD IVF again after it was cancelled in the Lock down and at 43 am v tired of it all ....

In 2018/2019 I met numerous psychopaths and sexual predators on various sperm donation websites and FB pages. I was raped anally , assaulted, was the victim of indecent images, coersive control, false identity loads of times, one sent me a stolen cheque as blood money i presume - in a nutshell this is the perfect, unregulated platform for sexual predators and psychopaths praying on desperate and vulnerable woman.

I reported each and every time i was the victim of crime to the Police. It went to the CID in the rape case but never went to the CPP. The owner of the stolen cheque did not pursue this aspect of it. Indeccent images also came to nothing with regards to the Police. [Content removed to maintain anonymity] do not have enough awareness about this type of abuse. [Content removed to maintain anonymity] ignored my many many calls and emails. I did everything i could to bring about some kind of justice which almost finished me off , but the psychopaths are so clever , manipulative, persuassive that they get away with it and continue time after time, change there settings/ on line name and keep the stuff which works ........

I hope in the future someone does something about this growing area of abuse. I tried my best but could not achieve any kind of justice or protection for others. Thanks x

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